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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Arabic and Most southern Part of Turkey

4th – 6th of December:

Actually we just want to check our e-mail and get some money in Antakya. Our destination was the Mediterranean sea. Buut, on my way to the ATM I meet some guys, which invite me to smoke a cigarette. Finally, they (Sina, Kubi, Mrs. Las Vegas) show us the town and we go to eat Koefte. On our walk through the town we always meet more of their friends. One friend his name is Marek has a house where we can stay overnight. It is just an empty apartment but nice for us since it is getting again rainy and cold outside. In the evening we go to one of Marek’s cosine who has a bar in a village not far from town.

(N 36.2233 °, E 36.16159 °)

We go together with Marek to his English lesson. It is quite funny for us and also for them. Quite young people, some policemans who want to work in the international police. The teacher is an amazing woman coming from the Philippines. She lives here already 15 years can speak English, Arabic, Turkish and some other languages that I forgot. After that we go again to the bar in the village and experience the Arabic live in this most south part of Turkey. Card playing, water pipe smoking man and young guys you see most. While talking with our new friends we find out that most of them are just here for holiday. They are working normally in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, that means basically in the Arabic countries. However, the older people mostly worked or are working in Germany. We also meet a couple from Germany which comes just back for holiday. They tell us 50% of the village is in Germany or has at least relatives there.

This time we are sleeping in the bar, since everybody was drinking beer.

Next day we visit again the English course in the afternoon. After that we go to Marek and finally to Alis house to eat Turkish pizza. Everybody has to dance and especially our new friends Ali and Memed are perfect in it. Smoking water pipe in the evening and sleeping again in the bar.

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