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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Great Time with Micha in Gori

19th-23rd of November:

A short visit to Tbilisi an old and interesting town is all we planed for the day. It is not like Baku, the houses are not perfectly renovated. For me this town has more charm than Baku. Nevertheless, in the evening we go on to Gori and want to make a camp somewhere on the way. We can not find a good place, it is cold and windy and suddenly we are already in Gori. The homestay from Kotomi's guide book is not easy to find. But father destiny helps us again. When asking for the street where the homestay should be, we get invited by Micha and his friends. Micha is director of an Alpine club and also of World Vision Gori. In the evening we celebrate together with him and his co-workers (friends) the coming day (:). After travelling almost 4 month in Islamic countries we are back in the world of wine and beer. All of them doing their own wine and brought it that evening in 30 litre tanks. It is first time for Kotomi to drink such a wine. We really enjoy the wine, the food and the company of Micha and his friends. We learn how to drink in Georgia. There is no drink without a toast. We drink for peace in the world, health, woman, kids, ….., ….., ….., ….. until the 30 litre are finished (:).

Friday: In the next morning Micha invites us to a very special Georgian breakfast. We are driving to a shop of his friend. It is a small cafeteria from a butcher. The special food which is necessary after heavy drinking consists basically of milk and bowels of the cow. It is called Xas and you have to drink 3 class of Vodka with it. For us drinking Vodka in the morning is quite hard but we give our best. Coming back to his office the training or conference already started. The guys who already participated in the training several times before are drinking beside. Tschatscha is the stuff with 75% alcohol called. I kindly refuse but Kotomi is very brave and stands 6 more of this dangerous stuff. Meanwhile we are disturbing their conference when we are walking through the conference room to come to Michas “royal” office. There we use the internet and from time to time we chat with the great and interesting people from World Vision. World Vision organizes and supports the help for the refugees from the last years war with Russia. Almost everybody lost somebody in the war but still they do not hate the Russians. Although for them it is partially hard to understand the reasons of this war. Along the highway from Tbilisi to Gori we saw a lot of this huge refugee camps. That is all which we can see from the war. Gori itself was also bombed but it can not be seen so much. Almost everything is renovated.

Saturday: We go on a trip to Kakheti region with all the workers of World Vision. I am a little bit scared in the bus, since the driver seems to make a rally. Fortunately we arrive safe at the monastery but with a quite high adrenalin level. The monastery is located just in front of the snow covered Caucasian mountains and the day is clear and sunny. The monastery was used as storage room in the communistic times and almost all paintings were destroyed. Now around 20 years after independence they still have to renovate and to bring back the beauty of this monastery. All together we have a picnic and of course with Tschatscha (:). After being almost drunken, we visit an old kings palace that also includes a gallery of old and new art. In the night the guys from World Vision Tbilisi join us in a restaurant where we enjoy full course Georgian food and experience the great Georgian dancing.

Sunday: That is the day before the Saint Georges day. We are drinking all the day, I stick with wine but Kotomi can not refuse the 75 % Tschatscha. She is already drunk in the morning and has to sleep all the afternoon. In the evening we are again invited to a restaurant with all kinds of Georgian food and a lot of dancing. Enjoying live with food and dancing is great and I enjoy the time with these people and their Georgian soul. Kotomi is very moved by this emotional dancing and is almost crying.

Monday: It is cold outside and raining, it is Saint Georges day, the day of Georgia. Kotomi can not do anything, sleeping all day, recovering from all the alcohol. In the evening we visit together with Micha and his friends a village and are drinking, eating again.

(N 42.01383°, E 44.13831 °)

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