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Friday, January 8, 2010


1st – 3rd of December:

Although visiting families is interesting it also takes a lot of power from us. We have to concentrate on all the people who want to the same time something from us. Normally, you there is no time to write Blog or anything like this, a lot of impressions and the need to understand although we do not understand their language. Therefore, it is always nice to have some day time to write down what you have seen. After Ergani our main direction is Nemrut Dagi, which is a grave of an ancient king on top of the mountains. It is also world heritage. But distances are not small here and we need 2 days to go there. We have to cross an anabranch of the Atatürk reservoir by ferry and decide to have our camp there. We do not want to go on to Nemrut since it is quite high and definitely colder than here.

(N 37.89359°, E 38.95756 °)

We are lucky the weather is still very nice and we drive up the serpentines to Nemrut Dagi. The air is freezing cold but the view in the blue sky is great. On top of the 50 m high grave hill, which is artificially made by tons of small stones, several statues can be seen. Nemrut Dagi was explored just in the last century and before this it was long time hidden in that height. Until now nobody could reach the inside or find out if there are some hidden chambers. Some weeks later this place will be closed and we are lucky to have the chance to see it. We met our first German tourist and feel that we are very close to home. To avoid the freezing cold night we go down and make our camp at a river. People always care about us when we just make a camp. They come to us ask if everything is ok, sometimes suggest a better place and ask if we need something. I really never feel unsafe in any of these Islamic countries.

(N 37.90783°, E 38.60995 °)

We go on in the direction of Syria and hopefully some last warm and sunny days. We do some shopping and buy our first Turkish Döner. An noisy place beside the main road is our shelter for this night.

(N 37.73934°, E 37.92722 °)

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