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Friday, January 8, 2010

Jandarma being afraid of PKK

After Nemrut we want to escape to the warm mediteranian sea. That means we are going more south and coming close to the Syrian border. We get to eat our second Döner (:) on our way and have some nice pickles. Hot and sour chilli (:). To avoid the dark we find a nice sleeping place close to some olive grove. We put up our tent and start to make a fire to cook. Today’s meal is Plov. After it got dark, which happen these days very fast (around 4 a clock), 10 guys with their guns come out of the dark. I recognise it is the Turkish army called Jandarama. They try to explain us that this is a very dangerous place and we can not stay here. We finish cooking our Plov, I close our tent and then we go to the Jandarma station in Hassa. They tell us we should only stay in the centre of the city and show us a place behind a school where we could put our tent. Actually around there it is very dark and in cities I never feel save. In the cities you find often a few people which are the worst. In the TV we also saw that there are actually a lot of riots with burning cars and street fights around Turkey. E.g. in Agdara, Istanbul ..... i.e. big cities.

We wait until the Jandarama is away and then we go on and I ask a farmer if we can put the car in his yard. It is really funny, there is no common language anymore we can use. But somehow we can manage and stay there in our tent and have a dinner together with them. He, his two wife, his kids, and us.

Next morning we are having breakfast together with the family and once more we get to see how they make their fresh bread. It is in all countries a little bit different but always delicious.

(N 36.75023°, E 36.51343 °)

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